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Autism FYI Mission

Autism FYI Organization addresses the growing needs of those on the Autism Spectrum. This  includes encouraging self-disclosure of special needs through identifiable products to help first responders interact appropriately, employing those on the Spectrum, and establishment of a Virtual Spectrum Nation supporting those with Autism, through education and training for First Responders, businesses, medical personnel, schools and community members.

How do we plan to achieve this?

  • IRIS Safety Program
  • Employment of those on the Autism Spectrum
  • Education of First Responders, Autism Spectrum Community Businesses and the Community At large
  • Build a Community that is supportive and inclusive of the Autism Population and their aging parents, allowing each to live independently.

How can you help make this happen?

  • Become a member of Autism FYI Organization
  • Donate money or volunteer your time to help us reach our goal
  • Purchase products available for someone on the Autism Spectrum or with another Neurologic Disorder to help keep them safe
  • Sponsor or have a fundraiser to support AFYI
  • Share on social media, friends, neighbors and family.